Lensman Productions

by Amit Deshpande

About Lensman Productions

Lensman Productions is the brain child of Amit Deshpande, a patron of photography, who hails from a pedigree of photographers.

Photography began in the family in the early 1970's with Shri. Anil Deshpande, and has continued as a passion ever since. A journey which has been gathering steam for five decades now, consists of more than what meets the eye. It's a story about passion, of philosophy and that of love, for all that is seen from the view-finder, how's it printed and how's it interpreted.

'Lensman : Amit Deshpande', was the byline in leading newspapers and publication houses in the 90's for photography credits. Thats where the idea came about and that's where Lensman Productions was born.

Amit's intimacy with the camera, his involvement in Press and People's photography, gave birth to Lensman in mid 90s. This later transformed Lensman to Lensman Productions with the inclusion of a studio for specialised photography - product shoots, portfolios, food photography, industrial photography and pre-wedding shoots.

The advent of technology and the close knit genus of clients, made it imperative to begin with film productions dealing within the corporate circles for still and motion coverages.